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Montreal based Beauty Lifestyle Brand

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KAVI KAVI is a Montreal Fashion Design company and now Beauty lifestyle Brand, founded by Dipika Gupta, who is also the creative director. The brand provides contemporary luxury womenswear at an attainable price. The company offers an exquisite range of feminine and masculine inspired wearable looks that are constructed from high quality fabrics and hand-embroidered by Indian artisans.

KAVI KAVI fills the gap in the attainable luxury market offering women a range of stylish and contemporary pieces of ready-to-wear couture. KAVI KAVI aspires to dress a woman who is modern, has a graceful aesthetic and who appreciates attention to detail that will fit into her wardrobe.

KAVI KAVI has a strong commitment to ethical fashion. The brand does not use fur or leather in its designs and is deeply committed to the betterment of the Indian tailors and artisans who offer their hand craftsmanship to the KAVI KAVI lines.