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The Designer

Dipika Gupta - Canadian/ Indian Designer in Montreal, QC

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Dipika Gupta is a Canadian designer and alumnus of Toronto’s George Brown. She is a Creative Director and Founder of KAVI KAVI, a contemporary womenswear brand, renowned for decadent and hand embroidered modern ready-to-wear pieces. With her mix of Western and Eastern culture influences, Dipika’s signature style blends on-trend, contemporary sophisticated with an attention to detailed craftsmanship.

Drawing on her Southeast Asian heritage, Dipika finds inspiration in the rich and vibrant culture and heritage of India. On a visit to the city of Jaipur, known for its historic royal culture, Dipika was drawn to detailed hand embroidery work, which she often incorporates into her designs. She travels regularly to India to work closely with Indian artisans to add that exotic and luxurious touch to her collections.

Dipika brings a deep commitment to ethics to her work with KAVI KAVI, designing with an eye to sustainability. Dipika selects fabrics and techniques to reduce environmental impact and works to support the local Indian artisans that contribute to her designs, keeping the hand crafted trade alive.

A lifelong vegetarian, Dipika does not use any leather or fur in her designs. KAVI KAVI’s ethos to being a responsible and honest company is a reflection of her deeply held values and commitment to creating high fashion that has a positive impact on the world.

Dipika Gupta - Canadian, Indian Designer, Creative Director and Founder of KAVI KAVI

Dipika's Design Philosophy

Inspired by world history, art, and street culture, Dipika Gupta was exposed and fascinated to this current dynamic presence in Haute Couture. Born and raised in South Africa and in India to Indian parents, she was taught about the rich culture, rich fabrics and Indian hand embroidery.

Her designs, a mix of simplicity and complexity, are driven by shapes, colours and textures. Themes and stories that carry through her collections usually direct the shapes and colours. As a mature woman, she still appreciates the Hip Hop culture and allows it to have an influence on the way she designs.

Her insights, passion, call to responsibility and respect for the environment and sustainability is important to Dipika Gupta. As such, she incorporates a dogma of a sourcing process to manufacture with an ethical perspective. Purchasing her ethically-produced fashion line will place Dipika Gupta's KAVI KAVI collection line on the global platform that will allow others to follow in her footsteps and encourage the future generation of designers to design and produce in an ethical and environmentally responsible manner.


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